18 August 2020

IOP DOMAINS is an online CPD programme from the Institute of Physics, developed and delivered by experienced physics teachers and coaches, and offering tailored content to meet the needs of a wide range of teachers.

What are the IOP Domains?

The Institute of Physics has a fantastic website, IOPSpark, on which you can find our huge collection of physics education resources. These resources have been curated into seven domains:

  • Earth and Space
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Energy and Thermal Physics
  • Forces and Motion
  • Light, Sound and Waves
  • Properties of Matter
  • Quantum and Nuclear

These resources are designed for all teachers of science and cover the full secondary age range of 11-18.

Who is this programme for?

All teachers of science will find something for them here. Whether you’re a physics teacher or a biology/chemistry teacher teaching some physics, there will be sessions suitable for you. We will also be running sessions for teachers in the earlier stages of their careers (including trainees) as well as for more experienced or confident teachers of physics.

How will this CPD programme operate?

Each half term will focus on one of the domains (Summer 1 actually covers two). Over a period of four successive weeks there will be a series of sessions and video releases.

View the DOMAINS CPD sessions and book a place

DOMAINS CPD session information and booking here 

Week by week cycle 

Week 1For everyone
[For IOP coaches]
Videos for the current DOMAIN will be released during this week. These will be available to everyone.
[Online, live support and development sessions for those involved in coaching with the IOP (see below).]
Week 2For everyoneThe Big Release! Red carpet week in which our Domains videos will be released. This week gives everyone the time to watch the videos, reflect on the content and be ready for the live support sessions in the following weeks.
Week 3For ECTs/NQTs/traineesOnline, live support and development sessions for those in the earlier stages of their careers (including in training).
Week 4For everyoneOnline, live support and development sessions for everyone. An assortment of sessions will be provided covering different topics within the domain and different age groups.
Week 5For everyone including coachesThis week will offer the chance to offer catch-up sessions and will include a session for those involved in coaching physics outside of the IOP.

Domains covered by term

Term 2020/21Domain
Autumn 1 (starting late Sept)
Autumn 2 (w/b 2 Nov)Energy and Thermal Physics
Spring 1 (w/b 11 Jan)Electricity
Spring 2 (w/b 22 Feb)Light, Sound and Waves
Summer 1 (w/b 19 Apr)Matter and Nuclear Physics
Summer 2 (w/b 7 June)Earth in Space

Can I attend the sessions for coaches?

The coaching sessions in Week 1 are designed for those coaches working on IOP programmes. The purpose of these is to develop our group of coaches that that they can work even more effectively with teachers across our nations and regions.

We recognise that it is not just the IOP that is involved in coaching and developing physics teaching. In Week 5 we will offer the opportunity to a wider range of colleagues involved in the development of teachers’ physics; this might be across a MAT, in a school, in a SCITT or in an HEI. Please contact the named person on the event listing to check on availability of places and also to see if these events are suitable for you.

Why are regions important?

It may seem strange that for an online programme we ask you to prioritise attending events in your region. The sessions are mostly delivered by our coaches who are based in the regions and nations, and these coaches have local knowledge and contacts. They can help bring a more localised context to their sessions and it gives colleagues the opportunity to share their local experiences. In doing this we are continuing to build our regional communities and giving you the opportunity to get to know local teachers and IOP staff. As we reintroduce in-person events, you will meet and work with the same coaches that you’ve got to know online.

There will be times when some regions will deliver sessions that other regions won’t and you may feel that you are missing out or another region is running a session at a more convenient time for you. If this is the case email the contact person for that event and check on the availability of places. 

If you are uncertain which nation or region you are in please click here.

How do I access this CPD?

Videos will be uploaded to Youtube and links to these will be added to the main IOP DOMAINS event listing page, along with links to sessions; please click here. Events can also be found on the TalkPhysics events pages, labelled “IOP DOMAINS”.

To access the live CPD sessions you will need to book a place on the event. 

Is there any cost?

No, IOP CPD is free to users. All we ask is that anyone attending our CPD session completes an evaluation form. You are welcome to attend as many sessions as you like and you can request an attendance certificate for each session once you have completed the evaluation form.

Booking deadlines and links to events

Bookings will close two working days before events take place. This is to ensure that our colleagues have sufficient time to send you the link for the event along with any other material that might be useful. It also gives our coaches time to tailor any of our sessions to address specific concerns.


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