20 May 2016

Welcome to TalkPhysics

If you’re a STEM teacher, technician or supporter of teachers and technicians (such as teacher trainer),  you’re in the right place.

What’s New

We’ve recently made a few* changes to the site.  We hope you like it.

Our core offering – Open and Closed discussion forums, for advice, ideas, resources and networking – remain secured behind a log in.  We’ve added to this with events and one public forum.  You should also notice improved search, increased site speed and a few more surprises.

These changes are designed to help you to get on with what really matters – the teaching and learning of physics.

How we can help you

If you need help with any of the site’s new (or old) features, start by searching our FAQ.  We’ll be building these up over the next few weeks, based on your queries and feedback.  And if you need help more urgently, just tag any of the TalkPhysics team:  @andrearialas, @alessiobernardelli or @davidcotton1.

…and how you can help us

As with any big digital project, we might have a few teething problems.  TalkPhysics is a big site:  9,600 active members, and 330 special interest groups with over 16,000 posts between them.  There might be some content in the wrong place, or the page styling might look a bit wonky.

If you spot anything, send us an email at talkphysics@iop.org – or use the Contact icon on the right (the one that looks like an envelope).  We’ll fix it asap.


*okay, slightly more than a few


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