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30 June 2017
9:30 am - 4:00 pm
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A Stimulating Physics Network regional day event.

Lectures, masterclasses, workshops and more. All teachers of physics, technicians and trainees welcome.
The event is funded by IOP and is free to participants.

This popular day for everyone teaching physics is a mix of practical workshops, inspiring talks and congenial networking.

Parking: car parking spaces at The Sjøvoll Centre are restricted so the use of public transport or the public car parks in Pity Me are recommended.


9.30 Registration and Coffee

9.45 Welcome and Introduction

9.50 Update – What’s New? Latest physics news and resource highlights

10.20 Keynote Lecture: Neil Beattie, Northumbria University

‘From Sustainable Energy To Faster Computers: Using Quantum Physics To Improve Our Quality Of Life’

An insightful talk on how (elementary) quantum mechanics can be applied to make faster computers and more efficient solar cells.

11.00 Coffee , Exhibitions and Displays

11.15 Workshop 1*

12.30 Lunch, exhibitions and displays and Science Ambassadors

13.30 Workshop 2*

14.55 Lecture: Pete Edwards, Durham University

Einstein, Einstein, Give Us A Wave!

The talk will focus on this historic discovery of gravitational waves, the technology behind the detectors and how they gave us a new way to observe and explore the universe.

15.40 Close, Review and evaluations


A. Forces (Helen Pollard) 

Approaches to teaching forces and gravity with a demonstration to prepare and take away. (All KS)

B. Required GCSE Practicals (NUSTEM team – formerly ThinkPhysics)

An opportunity to try out required physics practicals.  We’ll consider alternative ways of approaching the requirement and how to ensure that each practical opportunity works best for the development of students’ knowledge.  (KS 3 & 4)

 C. Getting to grips with circuits (Gary Williams)

Come and play mystery box bingo! We will try and discuss a number of ideas for teaching aspects of DC circuits, look at associated research and offer top tips from the collective wisdom of the IOP’s Teacher Network.  (KS 3 & 4)

D. Ultrasound Transmitter and Receiver (Phil Bunney)

Make and take ultrasound transmitters and receivers that can be used for a range of practical activities, particularly at KS 4 and 5. We’ll test the transmitters and discuss applications (KS 4 & 5)

E. Unconscious bias (Jenny Search)

Introduction to unconscious bias and how it can affect schools. You will find out what it is and how it can impact pupils and will be given strategies to analyse and overcome the impact they can have in the classroom. If possible bring a WiFi enabled tablet or smartphone for this workshop. (All KS)

* Please look out for an email ahead of the event that will allow you to choose your preferred workshop options.


  • The Sjøvoll Centre
  • Front Street, Pity Me,, Durham, DH1 5BZ
  • United Kingdom


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