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1 November 2017
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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A workshop provided by the Stimulating Physics Network

Are you a non-physicist teaching nuclear physics to trilogy or triple science students? Or are you physics specialist wanting to gain ideas for teaching nuclear physics in a way that is accessible to your students?

This workshop has two aims. Firstly to develop a solid understanding of the concepts taught in nuclear physics. Then to identify key areas of difficulty for students and to share strategies for helping them to succeed in the classroom.

Topics covered will include the alpha particle scattering experiment, the plum pudding model, radioactive decay and its random nature, range and ionising power, nuclear equations, half-life calculations, radiation dose, uses of nuclear radiation, nuclear fusion and nuclear fission. This workshop is suited to teachers, trainees and technicians.

There will be a free bag of IOP resources for each delegate.

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  • Contact Details: Dr Isabelle Parkes


  • The Arnewood School
  • Gore Road , New Milton, BH25 6RS
  • England


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