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28 June 2018
9:30 am - 3:00 pm
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A day for everyone teaching Physics, specialist or non specialist, in and around Sheffield. A mix of workshops, lectures, new ideas, practicals together with convivial networking designed to enhance your skills in engaging the next generation of young people with physics.

This is a free day being jointly supported by the IOP and Tapton school. Lunch is provided.

Keynote Lecture: 

Title: The sound of science and the science of sound
Ed Daw is a physicist and the University of Sheffield, and an amateur musician. His talk will cover the generation and processing of signals at audio frequencies, in other words, how to generate jazz and blues from Maxwell’s equations.

WORKSHOP SUMMARIES – Please select three from the list when you register.

Workshop A: Football and Physics – Lawrence Cattermole and Neil Atkin, IOP

This workshop will use the ‘Thinking on your feet: football and physics’ published resources from the Institute of Physics, developed with Arsenal FC, to present cheap, readily available resources and ideas for using football to teach physics to students of all ages, including kicking/throwing further, accelerating, changing momentum, balance/stability, the energy efficiency of a bounding ball and how to curve a free kick. These can relate directly to GCSE specs and be used to engage and motivate some unexpected students in your physics classroom.

Workshop B: RAF 100 – Richard Bonella and Helen Pollard, IOP

On  the occasion of the 100th anniversary,  the RAF and IOP have got together to unveil some of the physics behind flight and the technical aspects of flying and woven them into a series of interesting practical activities for your students which you can take away. Room for History buffs too.

Workshop C: The new Energy Stores – Darren Forbes, IOP

The new specs are talking about energy stores rather than forms but this has also prompted some wrinkles during the introduction . In this workshop we will be trying to smooth out some of these winkles and help you deliver the energy topic with confidence and verve.

Workshop D: Stretching the more able physicists – Devinder Gill, Ermysted’s Grammar School Skipton, IOP

Do some of your students coast through lessons, lacking motivation because they find all the work that little bit too easy? In this workshop we will explore strategies to ensure that the students can remain engaged and stimulated during the whole lesson. KS4,5.

Workshop E: Make and take electric circuit modelling – Dan Cottle, King Edward VI Fiveways school Birmingham

Come and make a good physical model of what happens in a circuit. Allow students to imagine what happens as electrons flow as a current in a circuit and how they are made to move. All parts supplied – easy assembly – a new interesting learning tool for you to take away and use right away! Suitable for anyone teaching Physics 11-18.

Workshop G: Do physics! – Rachel Hartley, IOP

Do Physics is a series of 20 short hands-on practicals designed to inspire provoke and engage. They may be used as starters, investigations or bait to draw students into greater involvement in Physics. They are cheap, easily set up and rich in intriguing Physics. KS 3-5.

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If you cannot attend this event, take a look at IOP A day for everyone teaching physics taking place in Durham on Wednesday 27th June.


  • Tapton School
  • Darwin Lane, Sheffield, S105RG
  • United Kingdom

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