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4 June 2020
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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“Importance of knowing about Space weather” Prof Mike Kosch: Space Research and Applications manager at the South African National Space Agency.

Space weather occurs because of storms on the sun such as solar flares and corona mass ejections. Space weather storms can cause a range of impacts, some positive such as the beautiful auroras, and some negative such as damage to satellites and power grids as well as radiation hazard for astronauts and passenger flights. Countries located at higher latitudes, such as the UK, are vulnerable to large space weather storms, which is recognised as a top risk by governments in the UK and USA. Research into space weather impacts is underway at Lancaster University Physics department. Much of this is done from the ground in polar regions. This presentation will summarise what you need to know about space weather risks as well as show some exotic research travel to the Arctic and Antarctica.

The aim of this event is to give physics teachers the opportunity to develop their understanding of physics concepts and current research through discussion with physics researchers. This knowledge and understanding is then disseminated to students as teachers are empowered to deliver the curriculum in more innovative and exciting ways.


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