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7 November 2020
9:30 am - 3:30 pm
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A day of online CPD for anyone teaching or supporting physics

With plenary sessions, workshops and ‘speed physics’ – everyone involved with teaching and supporting physics will find plenty of practical tips to put to use straight away. Physics specialists, non-specialist teachers, technicians – all are welcome to join in with this invaluable full day of CPD brought to you free of charge online by the Institute of Physics.

Although we will not be meeting in person this year, we do have a full programme of plenary and workshops. Sue McGrath from the IOP in Northern Ireland will be delivering a plenary session on ‘Teaching Physics with a sense of theatre’. Participants will then choose three workshops from a choice of nine on offer including two ‘make and take’ sessions for which attendees will be sent the equipment beforehand. The day concludes with ‘speed physics’ (8 ideas presented in 5 minutes each) and a raffle.

To book, please complete the booking form below.  If, after booking, you find that you are unable to attend the day, please do let us know as soon as possible so that your place can be reallocated.

The programme is as follows:

09.40-9.55    An online Quiz – prize winners announced at 15.00

10.00-10.30  Lecture/Demonstration: ‘Teaching Physics with a Sense of Theatre’ with Sue McGrath. (IOP Consultant, N Ireland.)

10.30-10.45  Questions and Discussion with Sue for those who wish to stay on

10.50-11.20   Workshop 1*

11.20-11.35    Questions and Discussion with workshop 1 presenter, for those who wish to stay on

11.45-12.15    Workshop 2*

12.15-12.30    Questions and Discussion with workshop 2 presenter, for those who wish to stay on

12.30-13.00   L U N C H

13.00-13.30   Workshop 3*

13.30-13.45   Questions and Discussion with workshop 3 presenter, for those who wish to stay on

13.50-14.40   ‘Speed Physics:’ 8 ideas; 8 presenters; 5mins each.

14.45-14.55    Feedback and Evaluation

15.00               Prize winners of the Quiz and raffle are announced

15.10                C L O S E

*Choose 3 workshops from nine on offer this year:

A Make-and-Take: The Electromagnetic Spectrum: a practical approach with visible light

Assembling and using equipment from the Mindsets e/m spectrum kit, we will discuss how the demonstrations may be used to illustrate properties and applications for visible light. Equipment for this workshop will be sent in advance to the first 60 participants to register for this workshop.

Key Stages 3,4 Sue Woolhouse (IOP Coach, Loughborough)

B Make-and-Take : Infra-red Waves: a Practical Approach

Make an infra-red transmitter and detector, for immediate use in class. Discuss how you can use the equipment as demonstrations to illustrate wave properties in a simple way, also including u/v and microwaves. We will also demonstrate how to use the free software, Audacity, to record the I/R signal. Equipment for this workshop will be sent in advance to the first 60 participants to register for this workshop.

Key Stages 3,4 – Peter Tiktin (IOP Coach, Nuneaton)

C Science Capital

Science Capital comprises pupils’ knowledge, attitudes, skills and experience, which they carry around with them and use to negotiate life and to make decisions. This workshop will explore tried and tested strategies to support learners of all backgrounds as they engage with the demands of the Physics curriculum.

Key Stages 3,4 – Susan Mighall (IOP School-based Coach, Rugby), Laura Wharton (IOP Consultant, Leicester)

D Special Relativity

Whether you are preparing to teach ‘Turning Points’ or International Baccalaureate courses, or keen to improve your own knowledge of a revolutionary topic in Physics, this workshop will give you ideas and approaches, and an opportunity to discuss the material.

Key Stage 5 – Richard Bonella (former IOP Network Co-ordinator, Shrewsbury)

E Tones, Tines and Tings: Ideas, demonstrations and stories for teaching sound

The sound world of speech and song in which most of us live and communicate is rich and complex. How can we better engage our students in exploring the basic physics on which all this depends? Enjoy ideas and demonstrations that focus on aspects of sound waves in the curriculum and beyond. These ideas tell a story based on the development and use of oscillation and vibration in music and communication, for example, how to turn a tuning fork and a magnet into a model guitar pick up!

Key Stages 3,4,5 – Dave Cotton (IOP Consultant, Preston)

F Magnetism and Electromagnetism: A Practical Approach

A series of demonstrations and experiments with magnetic fields, which will allow you to cover the standard curriculum content, and stretch the more able of all ages. Find out how to source some low-cost resources, and try the experiments for yourself.

Key Stages 3,4,5 – Giles Ennis (IOP School-based Coach, Lincoln), Greg Richards (IOP School- based coach, Leicestershire)

G Sustainable Energy: An opportunity for careers, context and promoting discussion

Bringing together teaching ideas to talk about careers, adding some interesting examples to promote discussion and doing some useful Physics calculations. This is a rich area for inclusive teaching tips and student engagement that is often not utilised. Materials will include renewable energy and some good ideas on hydrogen as a fuel.

Key Stages 3,4 – David Ceclich (IOP School-based Coach, Lincoln)

H Not Just Gamma and X-Rays –Using the e/m spectrum and sound in medicine and dentistry

Medical applications of X-rays, gamma rays and ultrasound scanning are often used to demonstrate the use of physics concepts. This session will explore some of the less frequently mentioned applications of electromagnetic radiation and sound, including pulse oximeters, in-ear thermometers and the breaking up of gallstones by sound waves.

Key Stages 3,4 – Ruth Wiltsher (IOP Coach, Durham), Alison Alexander

I Workshop for CPD leaders (available only in workshop session 1)

If you teach children, and also lead CPD sessions for teachers of physics, you are most welcome to attend this workshop. We will take a topic, outline some activities that might be used in a session with teachers, and discuss alternatives/models/problems/strengths and means of presentation. An opportunity to discuss your work with other teacher/coaches.

Ian Horsewell (IOP Regional Education Manager, Midlands)

To book:

Please email [email protected] with any queries.

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