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    • 10th Welsh Physics Teachers Conference

      The 10th Welsh Physics Teachers Conference takes place at Christ College, Brecon on October 5th 2011

       - a conference for both teachers and technicians


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    • 11 years, 8 months ago

      Cerian Angharad

    • A Boy and His Atom – Webinar

      IBM have produced the worlds smallest movie, A Boy and His Atom: http://www.research.ibm.com/articles/madewithatoms.shtml


      This group is for discussion of the movie and to support the webinar organised by Chris Watson, Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning - Physics
      at The Fallibroome Academy with Dr Heinrich.

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    • 8 years, 11 months ago

      Chris Watson

    • Advancing Physics Revision Roadshow 2010

      Bookings are now being taken for the 2010 students revision roadshows.

      What is the Students Revision Roadshow?
      Always a success with students and teachers alike it is a run through of the Advancing Physics chapters, with engaging experiments and interactive demonstrations, which leaves the students with a clearer focus for their revision.

      This series of highly credited days will be touring the country giving pupils who study Advancing Physics the chance to come to a day of revision lectures in a University setting. We are pleased to confirm all venues will include both AS and A2 roadshows.

      How will I benefit?
      More than 90% of students who attended in 2009 found the day useful in helping them revise for the AS/A2 exams.

      Comments from past roadshows:
      "Made everything easy to understand even the quantum stuff"
      "Dynamic and interesting speakers"

      Venues and Dates for 2010 are:
      Clifton College, Bristol - Friday 26 March
      Durham University – Monday 19 April
      University of Birmingham - Tuesday 20 April
      University College, London – Thursday 22 April
      University College, London – Friday 23 April

      How much will it costs?
      The cost is £20 per student which includes a FREE copy of the Advancing Physics Revision Guide CD, student handbooks, lunch and refreshments. There is no charge for accompanying teachers.

      How do I book?
      To book, please download and fill in the relevant booking form from: www.advancingphysics.iop.org

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    • 12 years, 2 months ago

      Evie Palmer

    • Animations

      Very short animations (less than 4 minutes) to either:-

      1. Pose a question for discussion

      2. Illustrate a point / lesson starter

      Animations in the form of Quicktime movies/ AVI files

      Ideas for themes welcome. Also anyone who would like to actually animate.

      Post your interest on this site

      A bit like an active Concept Cartoon.

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    • 9 years, 8 months ago

      Iain Mcgregor

    • app reviews

      As the number of apps increases and the devices that run them become more common it seems sensible to see where the use of apps can enhance the teaching of physics.

      Many teachers are now asking PNCs for recommendations of suitable apps. 

      This is a group for everyone to post their favourite app and say briefly how they have used it. A picture would also be a bonus.

      Don't forget games which have good physics engines and may inspire a physics conversation.

      Apps are now available for ipod,pad,phone and android devices. Please say which sort of device you are using.

      Many apps are free but please also give an idea of the price.

      An possible outcome  is to put together ideas for an Apps Workshop.


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    • 9 years, 4 months ago

      Geoff Adams

    • Apps and Applets for teaching

      Here you can share the apps and applets used for teaching. Start a new discussion thread(choose a meaningful name) for each applet, with a link to the applet, and suggest uses for the applet. Comment on the applets posted by others. Tag the applets to make it easy for others to find your suggestions. This will not be a repository for downloaded applets - just pointers. If the authors of the applets intend you to be able to download them, they show you how on the host website. Please respect the intellectual rights of others in the same way that you'd want your work respected.


      If you're suggesting an app, it'd be interesting to share how you manage this, given the small screens of most smartphones (appleTV?). Or indeed, if you can persuade your children to use their own smartphones out there in the lived-in world.

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    • 5 years, 8 months ago

      David Hobson

    • Assessment for Learning A Level Physics

      I am currently doing some work in the development of AfL strategies for our A level physics students. So far I have been trialling target setting grids, target banks, assessment monitoring cards, peer assessment activites plus other things.

      I would be keen to get any ideas or feedback from other physics teachers who may have other strategies or comments that may be useful.

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    • 8 years, 11 months ago

      Sonia Cooper

    • Astronomy

      A group primarily for teachers of astronomy. This group has been set up for the purposes of allowing teachers of GCSE Astronomy to share ideas and resources. However, it will hopefully be a useful group for the teching of any astronomy-related topics from KS2 to KS5 and beyond.

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    • 10 years, 6 months ago

      Mark Crookes

    • Astronomy workshop

      This group has been set up for thos network coordinators and others who are interested in helping to create an Astronomy workshop.

      The initial idea is for a series of activities that have an Astronomy theme and that can be carried out in daylight in a normal school science laboratory.


      Colin Piper

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    • 11 years, 8 months ago

      Lin Harwood

    • Birmingham Teacher Network – Dan Cottle


      Birmingham Teacher Network


      A group to share resources and carry on discussions from teacher workshops.



      Currently planned workshop dates:


      Real Physics with Fruit and Sweets


      Tuesday 2nd Decemeber 4- 6pm 

      The Physics Factory

      King Edward VI Five Ways School

      Scotland Lane

      Bartley Green


      B32 4BT  (use 4BS for sat nav)


      For a map see:


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    • Book Club Ideas

      The IOP Teacher Network is considering building some book club style workshops. We'd pick out some points, discuss them, go through why the book is worth reading and hopefully at the end yoiu'd leave with a copy of the book. Even if you didn't manage to read it you'd know what it was about and why it was important. To this end we want to create a list of books that you think a physics teacher should have read. We'll then vote on the list and select ones we can practically base a workshop around. If you think the Feynman lectures are a book every physics teacher should read then put it down - we can't afford to give them away at a workshop but they should still be on the list. When we have enough books on the list I'll do a google form so people can vote.

      So please, add your suggestions or vote for your favourite!

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    • 4 years, 1 month ago

      Ruth Wiltsher

    • Bristlebots

      A bristlebot is a small 'robot' that skitters around on the 'bristles' of a toothbrush head, hence the name. 

      They are made by attaching a tiny vibrational motor, such as you would find inside a mobile phone, to the back of a severed toothbrush head, along with a small cell/battery.

      This group will show you how to make bristlebots.

      More importantly, it is a forum to share ideas on how to use them. 

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    • 4 years, 9 months ago

      Richard Grimmer

    • Bubbles

      For everyone who likes teaching about bubbles

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    • Can I talk about Physics class experiments with physics teachers in London?

      Hello. I am Physics teacher, Hyewon Jang, from korea. I have worked in middle school and high school for 10years.

      I will stay in london from 13 January - 18, although I live in korea.

      Actually I had projets with students aboutmaking and testing  Muon detector and Geiger counter  last year

      I want to get access about the physics education and  Particle physics experiments of high school in London. 

      I wana meet and talk about Particle physics experiments in London, England.

      Are there passionate physics teachers interested in sharing experiences about Muon, cosmic ray, gergier counter, cloud chamebr etc.?

      Are there passionate physics teachers wanting to share and make project with Korea students?

      I wana make good networks for korean physics education.

      I wana share about physics education.



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    • 11 years, 4 months ago

      Hyewon Jang

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