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      3/6/2014 Fixes

      TP 4:  Fixed bug with group menus; users are now able to navigate using side group menu when viewing a topic.

      TP 6:  Fixed bug with admin bar; admin bar no longer periodically disappears.

      TP 8:  Fixed bug with text editor; line spaces should now be WYSIWYG.

      TP 13:  Hidden faulty ‘delete’ option in Ops column for notification edits.

      TP 14:  Hidden faulty comment preview button.

      TP 23:   Site speed improved and will continue to be optimised over the coming weeks.



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      10/6/2014 Fixes

      TP 5:   Hidden faulty group members total that defaulted to 1 on second forum page; correct total visible on the first page.

      TP 11:  Fixed superfluous ‘s’ for single visits and replies. 

      TP 30:  Google webmaster tools verified.

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      30/6/2014 Fixes
      TP 21:  Additional testing for anti-spam measures completed.
      TP 24:  Updates to site Home Page.
      TP 33:  Fixed compression issue that cause problems with some .docx file downloads.

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      I use chrome on an apple computer. A few pointers I spotted:

      I was given a link, talkphysics.org/equality. When I tried this link, the message came up that the page had moved. Where is it please?

      When I requested joining a closed group (TLCs) an error message came up – then it said my request had been submitted, but there was no need for the error message.

      If I’m tagged as  @nickythomas, is this just on talkphysics? (My twitter handle is nickythomas1)

      I didn’t find it easy to see how to post anything. It would be nice if hovering over an icon gave you brief details of the functions.

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