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      would it be possible to set ‘contacts’ to not mean ‘everyone on the site’? It could then be more usefully employed to be the people you’ve met, or want to keep tabs on and so forth.

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      Yes, on the to do list!

      I think the trick is to avoid the exclusivity of “friending” on other social networking sites. So everyone is a memebr of this site, and and can be found. But at the moment this one is a 6/7s. To be sorted out in the big rejig.

      At the moment “Lists of colleagues” gives you some fo the functionality you are after – i.e. keeping tabs on groups of people…hope that helps as a stopgap tip…


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      Hi – we’re sticking with the “contact lists”, so you can have groups of friends, and keep track of them in a simple way. Solved. Jon

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