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      Please please pretty please can we have a daily digest of forum updates rather than individual emails each time? They are all interesting but my inbox is very clogged up with the notifications sometimes.

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      I think the option to have one would be good, but I find that using filters enables me to have my email software dump everything into a TalkPhysics Folder, and there the topics are arrnaged as message threads. A digest would not permit that.


      So for now, set up a filter that siphons off all talkPhysics into a folder?

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      Hi Laurel – I sympathise, and certainly wanted us to offer that option. Unfortunately, we can’t yet.


      We’re using the latest version of some open-source software, Drupal 7, to run the site. Irritatingly, the Notifications module  used to offer daily or weekly digests for Drupal 6, but this hasn’t been implemented for Drupal 7! I was disappointed (to put it mildly…) when we realised this. Similar losses have occurred in other modules, and hopefully the Drupal community will develop them, then we can update the site. Unfortunately, the IOP does not have the expertise to do this work ourselves (or the funds to pay developers to do it for us).


      We’ll let everyone know if we manage to update the site like this.

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