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      Well on the grounds no other school has bothered to log in on this group perhaps we should change the name.

      Anyway to keep Andy and Nikki in the loop, Nuala and myself met to sort out the stuff surrounding the first Highworth vs NKS Totally Ballistics Challenge.  I have proposed that we have a combined judges team and one film crew each (with points awarded by SEDA to the best film team) and we add up all of the points of all the teams to decide which school is best!  Obviously SEDA only want to reward the top 3 teams so they can do the usual bags etc.



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      I think I may  be working for SEDA that day so need to know such things.

      If youwant specific groups you may well need to let John know ahead of time. Aren’t you bringing 60 kids altogehter?

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