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      Description: I went to: https://test.talkphysics.org/ , Typed in username and p/wd, Clicked “log in. Then, the website thinks for a second and screen refreshes. Both username and password have disappeared and page looks exactly as it did before I typed my login details in – no error messages or red highlights appear.

      Temporary fix: If you log out of Windows (you don’t need to restart), and log back in it should then work perfectly.

      Windows XP service pack 3 and Internet Explorer 8 get upset with TalkPhysics very occasionally. This has happened to three IOP staff members with IOP computers approximately once per week (for about 10 users logging on perhaps several hundred times), but never at all with my home PC (which runs Linux) or or others using Apple Macs, so I think it is a bug with Windows and Internet Explorer. Obviously, I’d like it to get fixed at some point, but I’m not sure how much progress we’ll be able to make with it, especially given how infrequent it is. Maybe this is purely about the IOP’s IT set-up, or maybe it will hit some of our users in other places. 

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      For one user, this problem is persistent and does not clear up when Windows restarts. Anyone else find this?

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      A fix has been found – this looks like a bug in Internet Explorer 8, caused by its auto-complete function.

      If you go away to another site other than talkphysics (most important), go into Tools->Internet Options and then click on the Content tab and then Auto Complete->Settings and deselect everything, click on delete auto-complete history. The browser should prompt you to delete all your cache files, cookies, history etc. Check all of them and delete. Then say ok and close the open dialogue boxes. Press Control-F5 (to force the cache to clear) and then go back to test.talkphysics.org (make sure you type in the full address using www. as well).

      That has (finally…) solved the problem for the users in the IOP offices.

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      Oh, and I checked – this only affects logging in, it does not stop users registering.

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      Hello, on windows 7 my IE works fine (laptop). But on windows XP IE doesn’t work (desktop), even with trying the fix of clearing all the stored data. The little circle just goes round a little bit, then spits me out on to the home. Also I hardly ever use my XP partition so it’s definitely the first time it’s visited Talkphysics. 

      However interestingly, it logs me out of talkphysics on my laptop (Chrome at the time).So I think logging in on XP gets as far as accessing the user database to kick me off talkphysics from my laptop. 


      Both my laptop and desktop and share the same IP. But I thought this wouldn’t have mattered

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