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      From Hannah –




      Firstly I just wanted to say that the new Talk Physics site looks great, I’m so pleased to see it up and running! I know it’s never been brilliant on mobile devices such as the iPhone and this new version seems a lot better, however I’ve encountered an odd problem. When viewing images in threads on my phone, they display upside down! It’s not a major problem, of course, but just to let you know!


      Best wishes,


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      OK, I’ve now tried to replicate this three times, and two different devices, and they always display correctly for me. Maybe it’s one particular topic, or a particular quirk in the software on Hannah’s phone?

      Here are two threads displaying correctly for me on an iPad and an iPhone (image right way up compared to surrounding text): 



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      Should have said – that’s the thread https://test.talkphysics.org/groups/159/forums/3478 . Got the same correct result whilst looking at a blog post: https://test.talkphysics.org/node/3248 .

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