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      I helped out when my school did it as a whole day thing with Y9 and I think most students enjoyed it, some students would have likes some more hands on stuff

      e.g. maybe a side competition to make the loudest cup speaker (need magnetic wire tho)


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      p.s. I enjoyed it!

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      Thanks Mark. Yes perhaps when we go for a second print run we could include some more suggestions for incorporating hand-on demos etc – as there is plenty of scope.

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      I found that the students really benefit form seeing the training videos twice; the first time they take in very little just an overview, which is what we all do the first time round.

      I would suggest that the experts introduce themselves to the group, put on the training video, comment on the videos highlighting the important things to look for to help in the task and then run the video clip again. It is only 5 mins extra but makes a hugedifference.

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      For those who would like to know what running Ashfield Music Festival is like there is an article in TES scotland:


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