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      Hi – On Monday 9 January and again today, Monday 23 January, various IOP staff members have received three or four copies of each TalkPhysics email notification. I’ve confirmed this affects people with an @iop.org email address.

      Have you received mutiple notifications, and do not have an IOP email address?

      Please reply here so I know whether the problem is wider than the IOP (hopefully it’s limited to our own Bristol email server getting confused by TalkPhysics).

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      Jon… interesting. I have received 3 identical emails today, but to an @physics.org address (which is technically IOP I suppose).

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      Hi Jon,

      I have the same problem and I´m using no IOP adress, my email adress is an @web.de.

      Actually this problem has been appearing irregularly over the last half year. Sometimes I get the usual single email notification – but then I got multiple again. Once I even got over 200 emails concerning the same topic.

      An today again: 4 emails about the same topic, coming in one minute after another.





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      Thank you, Daniel. It’s useful to have confirmation that it isn’t just an internal IOP problem.

      The 200 was (hopefully!) a one-off “splurge” when our publishing team were changing their internet service provider. I had something similar, which was never repeated.

      The publishing team are looking into these repeated emails, but it maybe that we won’t be able to fix it before our new version of TalkPhysics goes live. That is due by the end of March.

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