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      Recent improvements to the site have made a great impact and things are much better.  I am still struggling with aspects of the navigation, however.  From the last 30 minutes of use:

      1)  Why is “IOP Resource Groups” under “Groups” and on the menu bare itself?  Surely it has no place on the menu bar — it is a group and it’s place is on the “Groups” menu.

      2)  Why are “Groups I’m In” and “Groups I made” on the “My Account” menu instead of the “Groups” menu.  I understand that this makes sense from a systems design point of view, but NOT from a useability point of view — and useability must come first and foremost.  These need to be moved to the top two spots on the “Groups” menu.  “News and Comment” needs to come next, above the age ranges, as it is the primary group that people post to from the Hub.

      3)  The Hub.  I remain totally confused by this.  It stands between me and all of TalkPhysics.  Perhaps I’m dense, but I just don’t get it.  When I click “post”, I post to “News and Comment” by default.  Tagging a post with “11-14” doesn’t get it copied to the 11-14 group.  As I’ve said before, the Hub needs to BECOME all four groups and they just need to be filterable by Tag, not by which group they were posted to.  This is counter-intuitive at the moment and a nightmare to use.

      4)  All Open Groups — needs to actively EXCLUDE the four groups that appear on The Hub tab.  This would go a long way to improving the usability of the Hub tab, actually (alongside the replacement of the 4 “hub” groups with a single group — “The Hub” — filterable by the four tags, as described above).

      5)  Groups I’m In — ditto; it needs to EXCLUDE the other groups — just list the ones I actively joined.  Making a single “Hub” group of the default four would help in this regard, as such a Hub group shouldn’t be considered a “group” — it would BE TalkPhysics and it shouldn’t be possible to not be a “member” of it.

      6)  There’s no need for a “My Profile” link — there’s one on the “My Page” page.  It just clutters up the “My Account” menu, again reducing useability.

      7)  Username/Log Out buttons should be separated from Search, again to reduce clutter (move search to top left, swap username to be on left of log out?).  Help link should be placed up on the black bar, too (top right, after Log Out?), to get it out of the way from day to day use.


      All in my humble opinion, of course…  🙂



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      PS It’s be good to have a “create new post” button on the homepage of a group, instead of having to access the threads and then have access to the button.


      PPS  “My Account” menu — no need for “My Notifications” — it’s on the “My Settings” page.  Get rid, again to reduce clutter and improve useability.


      PPPS  I still want an “edit” button on my posts.  If it was only available there for 24 hours after posting, would that be an acceptible compromise?

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      Very strongly agree with 4) and 5).

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      Again, all good suggestions, contingent on more funding, and prioritising against other things.

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      Re 4), above — could do with excluding the groups I’m in, too.

      So, the tabs would be:  The Hub, Groups I’m In (only) and Groups I’m Not In (no hub, no ones I’m in).

      Not sure there’s a need for “Groups I made” — muddies the usuability waters again, I feel, but am happy to be corrected by people who use it all the time!

      And, again, I’d collapse the Hub down into a single, filterable non-group — ie, users have to receive access to it, no opting out!

      Quite probably, these two changes, together with a change to the formatting of the emails (including a “reply” button at the bottom of the HTML formatted email) would probably make TalkPhysics more attractive to me than continuing with PTNC as my primary communication method.  Soooo close!

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