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      Do you think this site will be around for the long term? I’m starting to use it as a place to collect and store ideas and would miss if it went.

      Is it ok to ask for help with ideas in the main boards? I don’t want to obscure posts from people that know what they’re talking about Smile.

      Also is it possible to tweak the layout so you can see more posts in the hub? Its ok at the moment but if there’s more conversations in future and I go on holiday I might miss good things, e.g. it would be great to be able to see a stripped down view of the last 25 or 50 topics on one page, more like a standard forum (it takes a while to go through 10 at a time and they seem to be in a strange order). The search feature is good tho.

      The fonts seem to have a mind of there own (own chrome at least), sometimes my writing seems to go big and messy with blank lines and weird alignments, especially went copying and pasting things (its doesn’t show in the textbox and I don’t know html5 well enough to check)


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      that font and font size is perfect, but it often it doesn’t do that (I’m always careful to do ctrl-shift-v to paste without formatting in ubuntu).

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      I expect something like this to be around for a long time: it’s function is to accumulate and moderate  the wisdom of the kollectif, on the grounds that teaching physics is quite hard, and that professionals ought to be able to learn from each other, and constructively challenge current practices.

      (Part of the reason for using this technology is that we can get the data out again – we’re not locked in to this particular platform.)

      I think the main groups (hub : 11-14/14-16/16-9) are just the place for general enquiries / suggestions  about the teaching of X..that is what they were made for.

      And yes… copying and pasting fonts gives different results in different browsers. If I ma thinking, then I copy ‘text only’ from my word processor, if I am  done working on a longer post.  


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