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      I think more needs to be made of the search facility. It seems to be quite effective at the moment, but is rather tucked away at the top of the screen all the time. Can it be more prominent on the post login page somehow?

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      mind you, it doesn’t seem to check tags. which seems to defeat the point of them slightly..

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      You’re quite right that tags are not currently searched. It’s on the list of things being fixed.

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      There seems to be an oddity with the search at the moment. In that if you type electricity or magnetism it doesn’t find the electricity and magnetism SPT group (nor the supporters group). Not sure why not.

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      There’s a “view more” button, because there are more than 4 groups with electricity in the title.

      I’m toying with the idea of having users rate content with approval voting, like Digg v4, then the group / topic / comment / blog most highly approved by users, would appear at the top of the search results. I would expect the SPT groups to be highly rated, and so appear automatically.

      Users themselves would receive approval by summing up the approvals of all of their submissions, so similarly I would expect users like Ian Lawrence (SPTNC) to appear at the top of any searches.

      Like Digg, we would not allow negative voting – there’s only an assumed neutrality, or an explicit approval – so users won’t be put down by other users.

      Useful enough to implement?

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      Thanks Jon.

      1. Good that the search is working and it is my inability to see the link that caused the problem. Can’t really fix my eyesight; but it may be worth making the “more results” link more obvious. But at least we don’t have to fix the search.

      2. I agree that some kind of popularity ranking would be good. But it could just as easily be on number of visits; number of comments; or time spent in group. Worth bringing up in our discussions.

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      One more thing…


      Under the search

      Resources is now listing every comment. It should only be for comments with attached files. Or maybe this is just “comments”, but is mislabelled.

      And another, linked

      FIlenames: ? This seems to be a ragbag, including things which “are not available at this time”. I am not sure why we’d want users to be able to search for filenames separately from resources (see above). Really it should be be “resources” and point to comments that include an embedded file…that’s what we agreed resources would mean in the context of TP.

      And another.

      I think what is happening here is that its just doing a text search. If this is so, then we need to think carefully about what we’re doing to support tagging, and finding stuff by tags. So the searchbox should say “enter text”, not “enter keyword”, because there are no keywords (this term implies a defined list….) 


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      On the voting process, we need something that cuts both ways, and gives kudos to those who vote and contribute most. 

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      I would agree that number of views and number of attached comments are useful automatic indicators of popularity to display.

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