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      Here is a powerpoint containing the parts list and simple instructions.

      In the workshop we made one transmitter and one receiver. Remember that with two receivers we can measure the wavelength with a double beam scope. It is around 8mm which, given the frequency is 40000 Hz, shows a wavespeed of about 320 m/s – in other words the same as audible sound. With two transmitters we can make an analogue of the Young’s slits experiment.

      Someone asked if the receiver could be connected to something other than an oscilloscope (eg a multimeter).

      Post here if you have any information on this!

      Best wishes, Rob


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      Thank you very much for the workshop. I’ve bought two more pairs from rapid as we have two double beam oscilloscopes ( one CRO one Picoscope) Now I have three sets giving me two sets for the interference experiments.

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