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      Morning all,


      I received two emails today saying “update to closed group TLC”. When you go to the group, either by following the link or just logging on to TP, there is no indication of where the group has been updated or by whom. There are 26 pages of thread titles, some of which haven’t been updated for three years. I obviously don’t have time to go through them all. I automatically select ‘notify me of updates’ when I start a thread and often when I contribute to one, so I am assuming these are something else.


      Any ideas anyone?




      P.S. I edon’t actually find the number of updates from TP a problem, though I know colleagues who do. It is nice to be kept in the loop and it only takes a second to skim read the email and delete it if is something you aren’t going to follow up there and then.

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      I’ve had that and couldn’t work out what it was either.

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      I’ve just had it twice for stuff you’ve (Gary) put on the PTNC group, but I’ve no idea what it was you’ve put.

      Is there a way of having the threads appear in order of when they were last edited?

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      I just changed the picture!

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      Hi – naively, during the TalkPhysics development, I asked that a notification be sent every single time any change is made. Adding a tag, changing an icon, etc.


      We’re negotiating a new bundle of work with the developers – one change we’ll request is that it now only sends notifications that have content (e.g. new posts) – which should eliminate all of these “empty” ones, which in practice are just irritating.

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      Please add originating group to subject. Current prefix is too wordy ‘comment from forum topic’ – especially for mobile devices.




      Topic: ‘blah’ from group ‘groupname’


      Or even


      Topic: ‘ blah’ (groupname)


      You might want to distinguish new topics form comments, which leads to 


      ‘blah’ (new topic from group <groupname>)


      Or ‘blah’ (comment on topic from group <groupname>)


      The verbiage is OK on the RHS, as skimming messages in inboxes proceeds from the LHS, with the RHS providing data for filtering.


      Its essential to have the group names in to allow filtering: at the moment this is not possible, and given the primacy of groups, seems essential. It might even help feelings of  community, because then you could create inboxes of only your groups. At the moment all of the TalkPhysics notifications end up in one big heap, which defeats the group feel. As an email experience its a mega-large version of PTNC. Not the idea.

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      (Please)^n add data to the notifications that allows us to filter the inbound emails by group. Having to soft through groups to see which ones need support is taking ages..as above. Its no less urgent, IMHO. Its a major step in making the whole scalable.

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      Ian – I’ve added this to my prioritised list for the next work package.  We were looking at achieving this for the first package, but it had significant costs attached.  Although you might need to speak to Charles for timescales.

      Colin – edits to groups (which caused these) should no longer trigger notifications.  There’s also a ‘Do not send notifications’ feature.


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