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      sig figs exam question

      I’ve just marked the attached question. The answer on the mark scheme is 1.152N for 3 marks. 1 mark is given for 115.2N if the cm are not converted to m.

      As you can see, this student has rounded her answer to 2 sig figs because that is the number for the original values given in the question.

      I understand that when they convert to m they are now dealing with 4 sig figs – my question is….what exactly do I tell the student? Should I tell them to always answer to the biggest number of sig figs given in a question? Is this always the case? There was nothing on the mark scheme or in the question referring to sig figs and 1.2 is not awarded any marks.

      Thanks! Bev

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      Thanks Bev,

      We’ll take a look at this and discuss it on Monday evening.



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