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      Here are some hints, tips and further ideas to accompany the Supporting Schools and colleges during COVID-19 materials on

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      This thread is for the

      Physics at Home 14-16 document


      I tried the Marvin and Milo Cartesian diver activity with my nephew. He is home-studying density.

      I did not have a tomato ketchup sachet to hand so I used a Biro pen lid and some bluetak.  The pen lid must not have a hole in the top. If it does you can fill the hole with a little bluetak.

      This lid had no hole in the top and only needed the bluetak on the bottom of the lid to make sure it stayed upright in the water.
      Here it is in action.

      You can see when I squeeze the bottle the diver sinks. That is my lovely blackbird singing in the background.



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      One of the things I have personally enjoyed and benefited from over the years is meeting IOP coaches and other staff at CPD events. There is always so much idea sharing. You learn just as much delivering a workshop from the attendees as they do from you as an IOP Coach. We have been having a lot of meetings behind the scenes and these have been attended by coaches from all over the UK. Here is Mr Reid’s Cartesian Diver. I like the think lighter thoughts everyone to get the class engaged.


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