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      I think that’s a shame, TP is a bit of a ghost town at the best of times but I don’t think this new layout is going to help. I can no longer see the newest posts very easily, in fact I’m finding navigation of this incomprehensible.

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      Hi @nickmitchener,

      We have indeed changed the layout of TalkPhysics in an effort to make it easier to navigate. I’m sorry to hear that the changes have not had the intended effect for you.

      Some of the main changes are:

      • Replacing the banner at the top of the homepage with direct links to our four main groups
      • Changing the landing page for each group to its forum (which will always show most recent conversations at the top) rather than the activity feed for the group
      • Updating the FAQs to provide more guidance on using the site

      We’re always looking to hear feedback from users of TalkPhysics so that we can continue developing the site to meet user’s needs. If you (or anyone else reading this post) have any more feedback, please send it our way via [email protected]

      Best wishes,


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      Before you could see what the latest activity was, now I can get the groups which had the latest activity but have to open each one to find out what it was.


      I accept that most of the latest activity seemed to be people joining, which I think you could do without on an activity list, but a latest posts facility would make it much easier to see what is going on at a glance.

      Perhaps it is just me but I don’t find this easy to read at all now.


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      Thanks Nick, that’s useful to know. We also noticed that site-wide activity was mostly a repository of people joining. For that reason we decided to remove it for now, however we’re now going to review that position in light of your feedback.

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      I think I found the problem, when I opened the site it took me to the groups page, if I click home I get back to something with the four groups at the top and the recent activity underneath, that makes more sense now.

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      Ah, good to hear that the homepage has not been too much of a drastic change then! 🙂

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