Space Physics on Earth – Can your explanation win you a great physics toy?

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      We had great fun working with Physics Teachers at Charterhouse last week. For a start, we had the highest dropping point I had ever used to run our free fall experiments, so things started to really get interesting. The set up is pretty simple: stick a demonstration/experiment at one end of a cardboard box and strap your smartphone with cable ties on the opposite wall. Press record, drop and observe what your phone has ‘seen’ as an observer inside the box 🙂

      If you are doing this with students, don’t forget to get them to record their prediction before the drop and then the explanations of their observations after the drop.

      You can see a video of what we did below. Some things you might have expected and some you might not… There is actually quite a bit going on inside the box, as the drop was quite long thanks to the height of the roof we dropped the boxes from.

      The contributor who posts them most interesting explanation of what happens inside the box and/or who offers the most interesting additional experiments to try in free fall, and/or who posts the best video of their own experiments in free fall will win the great hand powered Scalextric shown in the image below. This great toy is really handy to teach a load of physics concepts, from energy and power, to circuits and electromagnetism. Plus it is great fun, so keep those comments coming 🙂


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      Don’t forget to write an explanation of the demonstrations in free fall in the video above. You could be winning a great physics toy.

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